In 2004, the LG business group prepared for mass production by consolidating several solar research laboratories under the LG Electronics umbrella. Using decades of R&D experience, LG Electronics broke ground on its first solar cell and module factory.

LG considers the solar power business a considerable new growth engine of the LG Group. The success of our division materialized in the construction and operation of a 14MW scaled solar power plant in Taean, Korea in 2008, and is responsible for the supply of wafers through Siltron, a subsidiary company. Today, LG Solar is on the forefront of product development for all aspects of solar usage, from residential, to commercial to utility grade.


- Founded as GoldStar


- GoldStar Electronics conducts its 1st solar cell multicrystalline R&D


- GoldStar Industrial Systems develops its portable solar cell technology called 'Solar Lantern'


- GoldStar Central R&D Lab and Lucky Chemical develop their solar cell manufacturing technology
- GoldStar Industrial Systems establishes photovoltaic power plants


- GoldStar Electronics applies and qualifies to manufacture heaters and solar panels that operate on naturally circulating solar heat


- Rebrands company as LG Electronics
- LG Industrial Systems sets up PV traffic signs
- LG Industrial Systems establishes PV clock towers


- LG Industrial Systems establishes 17 PV streetlights in Incheon parks, Korea


- LG Industrial Systems establishes PV power generation systems at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)


- LG Chemical conducts its solar cell polycrystalline R&D


- LG Solar Energy operates its first 14MW solar farm in Taean, Korea


- Solar Cell Research Team in LG Chemical integrates with LG Electronics


- LG Electronics constructs PV cell and module factories in Gumi, Korea
- LG Electronics Solar Test Lab is certified by TÜV and UL


- Mass production begins


- LG enters into the U.S. solar market


- LG Commences mass production and commercialization of World's 1st N-type module, based on 6" cell (NeON)


- LG Introduces the first fully-integrated AC module into the US market (Mono X ACe)


- LG Introduces enhanced version of the N-type product line featuring Cello tehcnology (NeON 2), achieving up to 320W (60cells)
- Adds P-type 72cell modules ot product line with the goal of expansion in the U.S. C&I segment.


- LG Announces plans to triple N-type (NeON) production by 2020 with a $435MM investment
- Adds flagship N-type (NeON) 72cell modules to product offering for the U.S. C&I and Utility segments.


- LG Introduces World's 1st Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) module based on 6" cell (NeON R) with a full 25-year product/performance warranty. NeON R remains the most efficient 60cell module in mass production in the world.